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I am glad I decided to build the elephant dragonfly by making a prim mock-up first. It let’s you see how the whole thing will look before you commit to making the sculpties. Whether this will be the preferred way of building when meshes come into Secondlife, I don’t know. Actually I don’t know whether we will see meshes in Secondlife at all.

Anyways, I used blender to make a hybrid elephant/dragonfly body; it was roughly bean shaped but elongated, and saved that as a sculpty to pull into SL. I could then repeat it, getting smaller and smaller for the tail.

The odd thing was that SL decided to squish it, so it looked like a bean.

Cursing under my breath, I moved the huge bean thing behind the head and….liked what I saw. The bend of the sculpty gave the elephant movement, something I was worried about. But now it didn’t look like a dragonfly, it looked like a bee.

So, in time honoured tradition, I just renamed it and gave it stripes.


Much excitement! The Burn2.0 website is finally open. Too tired to read it right now, but will be ingesting tomorrow!!

First reaction is that Linden Labs could have put something towards it, like money. But I agree it gives more freedom to the Burners (us Burners?) to do what we want without them sticking their green fingers into our pie.

I hope we raise enough money for more than two sims. If not, can I suggest a series of teleporters, taking a visitor from art installation to art installation, each one on an owned plot ? I think it could work

Anyways, time for bed… If I can sleep


Yes, had one of those things called a holiday and this is the last day before back to the grindstone, so only proper to update the elephant.

I used Jass to make some simple shapes for the ears, end of the trunk and some of the nose section too – though I think the nose sections need to have a valley running up them. I added some nifty tusks, also sculpted then moved the tail so it has more movement.

Next are the wings, which need to look like dragonfly wings..

And a hop and a skip later…

Hoping to add more content, what’s happening with Burn2.0 and so on during this week.


Can’t seem to get the feel for the elephant dragonfly on paper. So I have mocked one up in the shed online to give myself a starting point. Each prim of the elephant will be replaced by a sculpty, building it bit by bit


Just got this on a notecard in-world (excited!)

Dear Burner Community,

As you may know, last week the Burning Man organization assumed oversight of the Burning Life festival in Second Life. This is exciting news in the evolution of our virtual event. Linden Lab has been a great partner all these years. We thank the Lab for their past sponsorship and leadership of the event.

The festival’s name has changed to BURN2, and it will be a more intimate gathering than in previous years.

What will not change is the essence, the spirit, the soul of the celebration you have known as Burning Life. BURN2 is a festival of community, art and fire. It is creativity, it is energy, it is harmony. And this year it will push the boundaries of Second Life as it never has before.

BURN2 will be held October 16 – 24, as scheduled. Our Burning Man-inspired theme is “Metropolis: Civilization in the desert.”

The Operations Team for BURN2 consists of ChatBrat Pippita, Countess Decosta, Doctor Gascoigne, EmCee Widget, JeanBaptiste Eilde, Kev Sweetwater, Ronon Carver, and M2Danger Ranger who represents the Burning Man organization.

For news updates, check out http://www.burn2.org/. This site is as barren as the BURN2 Playa at the moment, but we’re busy working behind the scenes. Land distribution starts in September. Look for news about volunteer opportunities, art submissions, and calls for performers through the BURN2 site.

Watch an interview with M2Danger Ranger here: http://treet.tv/shows/metaverse-arts/episodes/mva-31jul10

BURN2, like Burning Man, is an inclusive community where you are truly free to express yourself within the bounds of civic responsibility. We are bound not by commerce, but by a burning desire to evolve and create. This year’s smaller, leaner festival is a new beginning. It is an opportunity for you to be part of a groundbreaking movement that will only become larger, stronger, and more innovative every year.

Burn on!

The virtual Man burns October 23rd. Woohoo!

– BURN2 Ops Team

Typical; I start to do things for Burn2.0 and one of the computers at work goes stupid and I end up working until 2:00AM , sleep comes before blog.

There’s a slow burn (sic) for Burn2.0….

Noticing a couple of announcements over the airwaves, Dusty Linden will be involved but there’s no real shock there and I’ve just noticed that Danger Ranger has done an interview on tweet.tv (  http://bit.ly/dnK80m )

Looks like Burn2.0 will be happening, ( October ) smaller and because of that, maybe more intense.

I hope the non-artists, the dabblers such as me,  get as much chance to put up thier art as the usual suspects; Burning Life had all levels of artistic achievement, from people showing thier watercolour art as textures right up to the end scene of Planet Of The Apes done in sculpties, which was amazing.

SL and BL are about inclusion, it must be ensured that everyone who wants to do something gets to do something.

But, as SecondLife has instant teleport, is there any reason why it has to be held on connected sims? Why not have art exhibits scattered across the Grid, with teleports or landmarks giving the next exhibit along the line, almost like a treasure hunt?

It’s a thought


Just visited the Burning Man HQ on SecondLife and read the 10 principles of Burning Man. Let’s hope that Burn 2.0 lives up to the same principles.

I think they left one out….the eleventh principle should simply be… Have fun


It’s gelled in my head; an elephant it is.

So my first attempt at a head is not going according to plan. I can do simple shapes in blender, make tree branches and leaves and plant-life, but this is my first attempt at animal.

So you get the idea of an elephant head and you cut it down. Top of the head, tusk and mouth, ears (obviously), eyes and trunk.

The top of the head and top part of the trunk have been stabbed at.

I am not the best user of Blender and my sculpties are, at best, amateur. But dammit, this is FUN!


First things first. There are moments of wow! in secondlife and also in real life; I had one yesterday. No only did Kev Sweetwater IM me in-world to say he likes my blog but also that M2Danger Ranger himself drew his attention to it.  I am humbled that both of you even read it. Thank you.

Also makes me pull my finger out and do something good enough to warrant the attention…

So here’s the pitch I made to myself at about 1:00AM

I am thinking elephantine; huge hulking muscular animals. But with gossamer wings, like a dragonfly, all oilslick rainbow colours and big enough to support the elephant  in flight.

I don’t want it just standing there, it has to have movement. I think coming into land.

Enough thought. Sketchbook……


The real problem, I am telling myself after browsing Burning Life photos on Flickr is that designs like this one I drew on a notepad at work

are simply too conservative, simply too bland. In SL we don’t have to worry about structure, strength or even gravity; just design. Though I like the idea of a ‘machine’ that recycles a pile of SL junk to make simple temporary  prims, each one with a present in it – that bit I’ll keep.

So I need to get out of the mental rut I am in and just push the envelope a bit more. Start looking at some old 1970’s acid fueled paintings or prog-rock album covers.